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ICare respects your right to privacy. We understand the sensitive nature of privacy issues and the company takes measures to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients and web users is protected. ICare does not distribute, sell, or rent any of the information collected about  users or clients.
By using the ICare site and products, you indicate your agreement to the collection and use of your information by ICare as outlined in this privacy policy. Please note that this policy is subject to change and updates will be posted on this page when there has been a change, or a new service or product has been added from time to time. We therefore encourage you to visit it periodically to review our practices and updates.


This policy applies to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of information by ICare applies to our website or to any site including “ICare” in its URL, and which includes a link to this privacy policy. The presence of the ICare alone does not guarantee the applicability of this policy, as many of our clients run their own, wholly separate sites, and that have their own privacy policies.

Links to Other Sites

You may find various links on our sites. The sites these all link to are owned and maintained by independent companies, over which ICare has no control, and who are not covered by this privacy policy. ICare is not responsible or liable for the content of these sites, or their collection of information and its use. If you have any concerns about your privacy at one of these sites, please review their sites’ policies or contact them directly.\

Information Collected

By using any of ICare , or its clients’ sites, you will be providing ICare with certain limited anonymous information, based on your activities. This information cannot be traced back to you, or matched up to personally identifying information in any way – it is completely anonymous, and will only be used in aggregate form with the information collected from other site visitors. Should you choose to correspond with, or participate in any of ICare services or products, however, you will be asked to provide personally identifiable information, in order that we may respond, or do business with you. Please see below for more details on the kinds of anonymous and identifiable information ICare collects.


When a user visits ICare or one of its search sites, they leave a “trail” of electronic information, which is collected and stored on our servers. This information, often referred to as traffic, or click-stream data is not personally identifiable nor is it possible to combine with any kind of identifiable information we may collect from you by other means (see Personally Identifiable Information, below). Rather, click-stream data consists of very limited and specific information about your computer, your browser, and its activities. For example: your computer’s IP address, its operating system, the type and version of your browser, the date and time, the length of time spent on each page, search terms, results or advertisements clicked upon, and referral data.
This anonymous information is used to monitor our traffic and servers, as well as to screen for fraudulent behavior or abnormalities. It is also used to compile statistics and perform research by analyzing it in aggregate form, which in turn helps us to improve our services and offerings to both users of our sites and services.

PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION: In certain limited circumstances, ICare may gain access to your personally identifiable information. This information is made available to ICare voluntarily, when a user or potential client specifically and knowingly provides it to us, in order to correspond with us, or to receive a service they’ve requested.
Correspondence: When a site user or potential client gives comments, questions, information requests, or feedback to ICare by phone, mail, or email (either directly or through one of our online forms) and includes an email address and/or contact information, ICare will use this information in order to respond. The contact information provided, however, is not stored in any kind of database. It is only maintained as a record of past correspondence, either in the responders’ files or sent items.

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